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United Lemon Sales 

North America Representatives

Our System

What We Do

We partner with various international suppliers to bring high quality citrus products to the United States.

Through these partnerships, we develop innovative solutions to align the needs of both our suppliers and our customers. 

This ultimately results in exceptional products distributed to our U.S. consumers - the #1 goal of United Lemon Sales.

This extensive research allows us to design highly specific production plans, ensuring the business needs of our customers are met throughout each year. 

We continuously analyze market data and trends to meet the demands of our suppliers and customers.

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Additionally, we provide warehousing alternatives to ensure product is readily available for our customers on demand - without compromising high quality standards.

We design and manage specialized processes to reduce overall cost and environmental impacts of transportation. 

We advise on strategies to accomplish cost-effective and timely deliveries from suppliers to customers across the U.S. 



To be the preferred service provider for South American citrus processorsmarketing and delivering their high-quality products to key customers in the United States. 


To be an integral part of the global citrus market, delivering best in class products and innovative logistics solutions. 

Our Values 

Transparency - We share pertinent information with suppliers and customers throughout the sales and delivery process. 

Trustworthiness - We have extensive experience in the citrus industry - allowing us to be a dependable and valued resource for our customers.

Innovation - We continuously research and develop alternative solutions, aiming for long-term efficiency and effectiveness.

Flexibility - We adapt to the needs of each unique customer as well as the current marketplace environment.

Collaboration - We work closely with our suppliers and transportation and warehousing partners to make the best use of all resources. 

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